Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy

We have years of experience manufacturing high-quality medical products for tracheotostomized and laryngectomized patients – MADE IN GERMANY.

Our wide range of tracheostomy tubes are available in a variety of materials and designs together with various supplies and accessories.

Tracheostomy tubes for neonates and children

Our tracheostomy tubes for neonates and children are specially tailored to the requirements of little patients.
They are made of patriculary soft, flexible DEHP-free material and formed atraumaticly. Due to their thin-walled design they ensure high air supply, but at the same time retain their high stability of form.The swivelling 15 mm connector of these tracheostomy tubes enables easy connection of ventilation circuits and minimizes the transmission of tensile and shear forces to the tube.

PDT Sets

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie PDT Set 1 und 2Percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy is a standardized method in intensive medical treatment. As alternative for surgical tracheostomy it may be carried out less time-consuming at the bedside in ICU’s. The dilated tracheostoma closes spontaneously and long-term cosmetic results are far superior to conventional tracheostomy.

The PDT sets include a dilation set and a matching tracheostomy tube set.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie Optima PercuTrach®OPTIMA PercuTrach® tracheostomy tubes with atraumatic inserters have been specifically developed for use during dilatational tracheostomy.

The thermosensitive material of the outer cannula with built-in 15 mm universal connector ensures pleasant wearing comfort. The atraumatic inserter is perfectly adapted for this purpose and snaps securely into the outer cannula. Moreover, it features a practical handle which incorporates elevations that prevent slipping.

The tracheostomy tube set always includes two inner cannulas which can be inserted and removed without difficulty. They can be fixed securely in the outer cannula.

Priflex PercuTrach® tracheostomy tubes have an atraumatic insertion aid and were developed specifically for dilation tracheostomy patients.

They combine high dimensional stability with soft, flexible material properties. The soft, pliable neck flange has a screw cap for variable adjustment and moulds perfectly to the patient’s unique anatomical situation.

Priflex PercuTrach® tracheostomy tubes are available with or without subglottic suction.

ProLine PercuTrach® and ProLine XT PercuTrach® tracheostomy tubes have an atraumatic insertion aid and were developed specifically for dilation tracheostomy patients.

They are made of tissue-friendly polyurethane and ensure maximum airflow thanks to the optimised ratio between the interior and exterior diameter.
The atraumatic insertion aid pairs perfectly with the ProLine outer cannula and can be snapped securely into place with its bayonet connector. It also has a specially designed grip with integrated protrusions for ideal positioning.

All variants feature an advanced microthin cylindrical polyurethane cuff which adapt ideally to the trachea.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie OptimaOPTIMA tracheostomy tubes are characterized by a transparent outer cannula with a firmly attached universal 15 mm connector and flexible thermosensitive material properties which ensure good wearing properties.

The OPTIMA series comprises a complete range of tracheostomy tubes for tracheostomized patients. They are available in five adult sizes (6-10), as uncuffed or cuffed types, with and without phonation or subglottic suction function.

With or without inner cannula in place, the built-in 15mm connector of the outer cannula allows the attachment of accessories and can be used for attaching ventilators (in case of cuffed tubes).

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie UltrasoftULTRASOFT tracheostomy tubes are distinguished by particularly soft and flexible material. This applies both to the outer cannula and the inner cannulas. This guarantees wearing properties which ensure maximum wearing comfort.

Its multidimensional movable neck flange enables adaptation of the ULTRASOFT tracheostomy tube to the individual anatomical conditions of every patient. The head remains freely movable without exerting pressure on the trachea.

Variants with a cuff are equipped with an extremely thin-walled cylindrical low-pressure polyurethane (PU) cuff which adapts ideally to the trachea. This cuff is functionally superior to conventional PVC balloons.

ProLine tracheostomy tubes are modern ventilation and therapy tubes suitable for everyday clinical practice as well as for the rehabilitation and Home Care Treatment. Due to the excellent relationship between the inner and outer diameters they allow
for maximum air flow. But despite their extremely thin walls, they ensure a high wearing comfort.

Different types of inner cannulas can be connected to the outer cannula by means of a bayonet catch. These are all equipped with a swivelling 15mm connector, which reduces tensile and shear forces and ensures stable positioning.

For all cuffed models an advanced microthin cylindrical polyurethane cuff is used which adapts ideally to the trachea. This cuff is functionally superior to conventional PVC balloons.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie Priflex®PRIFLEX® tracheostomy tubes are spiral-reinforced cannulas that combine a highly stable shape with soft and flexible material properties.

The flexible PRIFLEX® tracheostomy tubes feature an individually adjustable neck flange with soft and flexible wings which ensures accurate placement of the cannula. A scale on the tracheostomy tube facilitates the exact positioning.

The metal spiral in the wall of the soft tube ensures that the tube retains its shape and it prevents kinking. Even the PRIFLEX® tracheostomy tubes with speech function have a continuous spiral reinforcement, in which a phonation sieving is imbedded.

PRIFLEX® tracheostomy tubes are available as uncuffed or cuffed types, with and without phonation as well as with subglottic suction function or as extra-long variants.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie Priflex® MRIPRIFLEX® MRI stand for a new generation of tracheostomy tubes with plastic spiral reinforcement which are suitable for MRI.

These tracheostomy tubes do not contain any metal parts – even the pilot balloon is equipped with a special plastic spring -, what makes them suitable for patients who undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure or need radiation therapy.

They combine a high form stability with soft and flexible material features, which is also characteristic for tubes with classical metal spiral reinforcement. The soft and flexible tube flange is variably adjustable by a simple screw cap. It adapts exactly to the individual patient requirements.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie Primedistom®

PRIMEDISTOM® tracheostomy tubes are thermo-sensitive and reach their ideal properties at body temperature.

Cuffed PRIMEDISTOM® tracheostomy tubes feature a high volume low-pressure cuff, with thin walls and large volume, which can be filled through a one-way valve and securely seals the cannula to the tracheal wall. This prevents an accidental aspiration of secretions. The soft cuff fits perfectly into the trachea and ensures a reliable seal, even with a low inflation pressure. The connector line to the pilot balloon is perfectly integrated into the outer cannula and its smooth, rounded surface prevents additional irritation of the mucous membranes.

PRIMEDISTOM® cuffless tracheostomy tubes are designed for permanent wearers after tracheostomy and laryngectomy.Their flexible and  lightweight material guarantees maximum wearing comfort.

PRIMEDISTOM® tracheostomy tubes are offered in a wide range of different types, sizes and connection variants.

Replacement inner cannulas for PRIMEDISTOM® tracheostomy tubes with and without cuff are availabe with and without phonation window and  with different connection variants.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie SilverSILVER tracheostomy tubes are hand-made in Germany from high-grade sterling silver (925) of medical quality.

Due to their conical and seamless tube form these tracheostomy tubes enable easy insertion and avoid irritations to the tracheal wall (special versions, e.g. tracheostomy tubes with cylindrical form, are also available).

The material of these tubes has an anti-bacterial impact and their smooth surface is easy to clean.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie Primedisilk®PRIMEDISILK® laryngectomy tubes are made of pure, medical-grade silicone. Due to the high flexibility and the outstanding material properties of silicone, the tubes adjust well to the shape of the trachea and assure high wearing comfort. An atraumatic rounded tip prevents irritation of the mucous membranes in the trachea and facilitates insertion.

PRIMEDISILK® tubes are recommended for laryngectomized patients whose tracheostoma still has to be stabilized, and for tracheostomized patients, who need a placeholder during the weaning process.

PRIMEDISILK® tracheostomy placeholders provide a secondary airway by gently holding the tracheostoma open. They provide access during a bronchial toilet and are used for decannulation.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie Primedistrip®PRIMEDISTRIP® is a retaining ring in combination with a self-adhesive patch as a carrier plate.

PRIMEDISTRIP® is suitable for patients with a tracheostoma who, although no longer needing a tracheostomy tube, still require aids such as heat and moisture exchangers (HME) or speaking valves.

It can be secured easily and rapidly, thanks to the skin-friendly adhesive surface. It provides secure protection against the escape of secretion and air. Irritation of the skin is avoided and an optimum seal achieved as a result.

Tracheotomie und Laryngektomie Primed® Tracheo Seal®The PRIMED TRACHEO SEAL® is a self-adhesive plate for sealing and cushioning the area between the tracheostoma and the tracheostomy tube. It is made of skin-coloured, biocompatible silicone and allows for fast application without any adhesives.

The PRIMED TRACHEO SEAL® is flexible and moulds naturally to the surrounding musculature and tissue, thus maximising the range of motion. The planoconvex design ensures a highly effective seal – even for patients with irregular tracheostomas. This improves phonation for patients who have undergone laryngectomies and have a vocal prosthesis.


Patients are either completely or partially incapable of breathing via their larynx, mouth and nose following a laryngectomy or tracheostomy. This is also accompanied by a loss of function of the upper respiratory tract. The accessories specially developed for laryngectomized and tracheostomized patients take on these functions, achieving a considerable improvement in the quality of life.

The range inculdes different heat and moisture exchangers (HME), which promote pulmonary recovery thanks to the humidifying, warming and filtering effect they have on the breathing air. Available for children and for adults.

We also offer a wide range of speaking valves for laryngectomy and tracheotomy applications – for children, adults and ventilated patients.

Additional supplies and accessories, such as neck straps, tracheal compresses, tracheal suction sets or bacteria and virus  filters are available as well.

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