DIARFLEX® ADVANCED – The innovative stool management system.

As refinement of our DIARFLEX® Stool Management System we developed DIARFLEX® ADVANCED.

  • Offers the possibility to flush the device  if needed and to take samples via the sampling port

  • Medication can be administered rectally via the irrigation connector

  • Special odour-proof coating

  • Includes hose plug for temporary seal of the catheter hose during replacement of collection bag

  • Collection bag features an additional active carbon filter

DIARFLEX® ADVANCED Stool Management System

DIARFLEX® ADVANCED Stuhldrainagesystem

Scope of delivery: 

  • 1 catheter hose
  • 1 collection bag withactive carbon filter
  • 2 replacement bags
  • 1 syringe with Luer lock connection for filling/ emtying the ballon and for flushing the system
  • 1 clamp mount for easy attachment to the patients bed
  • 2 velcro loops for easy fixing of the system to the patient’s bed
  • 1 catheter clamp
  • Warning labels for Fill lumen and Rinse lumen
  • Instructions for use
PU/ SU Article number
DIARFLEX® ADVANCED Stool Management System 1 Set 20762

PU/ SU = packaging unit/ shipping unit


Catheter hose with odour-proof coating


Sampling port – for taking stool samples and for irrigating the catheter


Hose plug – for temporary seal during replacement of collection bags


Low-pressure balloon – permits easy insertion in the unblocked state (therefore generously apply lubricant)

Catheter clamp (included in delivery) – for closing the catheter system during rectal administration of medication


Replacement bags for our stool management systems are available in two versions: as standard version and with additional active carbon filter (included only in DIARFLEX® ADVANCED Stool management systems).


Standard replacement collection bag

Replacement collection bag with active carbon filter

  • To safely collect and dispose potentially infectious stool
  • With superabsorbent polymer for the absorption of liquids
  • Easy to connect to the hose end by means of rotary closure
  • With firmly attached closure cap
  • Capacity up to 1500 m
PU/ SU Article number
DIARFLEX® Replacement bag 3 pieces 20128
DIARFLEX® Replacement bag with active carbon filter 2 pieces 20865

PU/ SU = packaging unit/ shipping unit

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