Competence & Reliability: Primed® – a family business

Seeing the big picture to address new challenges.

The ability to innovate today is what shapes business in the future. And Primed® is in a great position to do just that. The company’s ongoing research and development activities, modern production facilities and highly motivated team all make it possible to develop innovative new products and to improve on existing ones. Combining the various processes under one roof creates an overall development process that is streamlined and dynamic.

Vertical integration throughout the entire production process.

All production-related processes are bundled in the company: injection moulding, extrusion, blow-moulding, balloon manufacturing, assembly, packaging and sterilisation. This makes it possible to deliver the highest level of quality and product safety.

The Primed® Group – Several production sites, Centrally located.

Primed® Halberstadt Medizintechnik GmbH is an experienced manufacturer that, which together with its partner companies HA2 Medizintechnik GmbH, – a leading provider of sterilisation services for medical devices -, and Primed® CZ, – a modern production company in the Czech Republic – belongs to a joint group of companies (P3 Holding).

The Primed® Group operates a number of production sites in Germany and abroad  with a total of around 450 employees. Its headquarters are located at the heart of Germany, in the town of Halberstadt, which is the administrative seat for the Harz region. Primed® operates its various production and administrative sites in several locations in Halberstadt, where the broad spectrum of Primed® products is produced in cooperation with the Czech subsidiary. The company’s central location allows for efficient supply to customers in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Over 35,000 m² of the company’s property is developed and has a clean room capacity of approximately 5.000 m², storage capacity for about 15,000 pallets and an extensive range of equipment and machinery. This is what makes us the competent solution provider our clients have come to rely on.

Quality Management

Our goal is to consistently improve medical products – both in hospitals and non-clinical settings. With safe, effective, high-quality products that meet stringent quality standards.

Primed® Service

Our philosophy revolves around partnerships. Our wide range of services are available to address your needs – in person, by phone, by fax or online. Detailed information is available in the Downloads section of our website.

Value for money

Because we develop, manufacture and distribute medical products, we’re able to offer everything from a single source. Our customers enjoy the benefits – while getting good value for money.

Decade-long plastic experience

Primed® has years of experience in the field of plastics production. We use a whole range of technologies to manufacture medical products for a multitude of different applications. Extensive expertise in materials, tooling and manufacturing processes is hereby fundamental. As a result we are able to deliver such a versatile range of products.



Company history from 1946 until today: Decades of experience in plastics production as well as in the development and manufacture of medical products:


Primed® products can be found in hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the world. The company exports its products to more than 60 countries.



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