THORACIC SURGERY – Systems for effective drainage

Accumulations of air, blood and secretions in the pleural cavity or mediastinum can severely impair pulmonary and cardiac function, which can then become life-threatening.

PRIMED® offers a wide range of thoracic drainage systems to prevent this from happening.

The systems are basically designed to prevent the backflow of suctioned air or fluid into the pleural cavity or mediastinum, making it possible to maintain or quickly restore the interpleural negative pressure needed for adequate lung expansion.

Pleural puncture sets

PleuapunktionssetsPleural puncture sets are an effective therapy option for the treatment of pleural effusion.

OPTILINE® Thoracic Drainage Systems

OPTILINE® Thorax-Drainage-SystemeOPTILINE® Thoracic Drainage Systems are classic bottle systems for the application of the tried-and-tested drainage method with underwater seal.
Here you can choose from an extensive range with various accessories.

Thoracic and trocar catheters

Thorax- und TrokarkatheterThoracic and trocar catheters can be used in conjunction with thoracic drainage systems (f.ex. OPTILINE®) for effective drainage.

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