When it comes to wound drainage and surgical treatment, Primed® offers a wide range of supplies and other items for many different applications and in a variety of materials and models.

High-vacuum systems PRIVAC®

High-vacuum systems can be used together with Redon drains for the purposes of post-operative wound drainage.

Redon drains

Redon drains can be used together with high-vacuum or low-vacuum systems for the purposes of post-operative wound drainage. The drains are available in PVC or in polyurethane models.

Low-vacuum systems

Low-vacuum systems offer a gentle wound drainage method. They drain wound secretions with a lower suction intensity than high-vacuum systems and can be controlled manually with bellow systems, pumping systems or gravity-powered passive drainage.

Silicone drains

Silicone drains are tissue-friendly and provide a gentle wound drainage method. They are available in a variety of models and lengths for a range of different applications (Soft drains/ Capillary drains/ Flat drains/ Channel drains).

PRIMEDILOOP® vessel loops

PRIMEDILOOP® vessel loops are made of tissue-neutral silicone and are helpful when performing surgery, making it possible to quickly ligate, hold and mark arteries, veins, ureters and tendons.

PRI-AUTOTRANS autologous blood transfusion

PRI-AUTOTRANS is a closed system for autologous blood transfusions. The blood collected with PRI-AUTOTRANS during aseptic operations can be transfused directly back to the patient.

PLV Wound products

Negative pressure or vacuum therapy is an established treatment method. The PLV range offers a wide range of products for different forms of this treatment method and different areas of application.

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