DIARFLEX® – The economic stool management system

Practical & Efficient

  • Hygienic discharging of liquid, semi-liquid and infectious stool

  • Reduces contact with infectious microorganisms for the protection of both patient and nursing staff

  • Reduces dermatological complications (up to decubitus)

  • Offers the possibility to flush the device

  • Reduces the development of unpleasant odours

  • Enhanced care efficiency

DIARFLEX® Stool Management System

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 catheter hose
  • 1 collection bag
  • 2 replacement bags
  • 1 syringe with Luer lock connection for filling/ emtying the ballon and for flushing the system
  • 2 velcro loops for easy fixing of the system to the patient’s bed
  • Warning labels for Fill lumen and Rinse lumen
  • Instructions for use
PU/ SU Article number
DIARFLEX® Stool Management System 1 Set 20123

PU/ SU = packaging unit/ shipping unit


Catheter hose made of soft, biocompatible silicone

Rotary closure for securely attaching a collecting bag


Blue connector (Fill lumen) for filling/emtying the low-pressure balloon
White Irrigation connectorr (Rinse lumen) for flushing the system


Low-pressure balloon – Assists in holding the catheter securely in place. the soft, biocompatible material prevents irritation of the sphincter muscle.


The black marker provides better position control.


Replacement bags for our stool management systems are available in two versions: as standard version and with additional active carbon filter (included only in DIARFLEX® ADVANCED Stool management systems).


Standard replacement collection bag

Replacement collection bag with active carbon filter

  • To safely collect and dispose potentially infectious stool
  • With superabsorbent polymer for the absorption of liquids
  • Easy to connect to the hose end by means of rotary closure
  • With firmly attached closure cap
  • Capacity up to 1500 ml
PU/ SU Article number
DIARFLEX® Replacement bag 3 pieces 20128
DIARFLEX® Replacement bag with active carbon filter 2 pieces 20865

PU/ SU = packaging unit/ shipping unit

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