Primed Tracheo Seal®

Primed Tracheo Seal® is an innovative silicone patch for sealing and cushioning the area between the tracheostoma and the tracheostomy tube. The skin-friendly, self-adhesive material allows for quick application without any need for adhesives.

The skin-coloured Primed Tracheo Seal® moulds naturally to the musculature and tissue, and its highly flexible properties ensure an outstanding range of motion for a whole new level of comfort.

The planoconvex shape of the Primed Tracheo Seal® ensures excellent sealing of the tracheostoma to allow for better phonation, secretion management and ventilation adjustability.

The Primed Tracheo Seal® is available in various sizes for adults and for children.

Primed Tracheo Seal®

Sealing patches for adults:

Primed Tracheo Seal® oval

oval shape

Primed Tracheo Seal® rund

round shape

Sealing patch for children:

Primed Tracheo Seal® rund für Kinder

round shape

Product features:

  • Made of skin-friendly, biocompatible silicone
  • Skin-colored
  • Self-adhesive material enables rapid fixing without adhesives
  • Highly flexible
  • Effective sealing thanks to plano-convex shape – even with irregular tracheostomata
  • Improves phonation through the high degree of sealing (making it also suitable for laryngectomized patients with voice prosthesis)
  • Stabilizes the seat of the tracheostomy tube
  • Reduces the emergence of air and secretions, thus improves secretion management
  • Facilitates the setting of uniform ventilation parameters in case of ventilated patients
  • Available in three sizes, for adults and children


  • Tracheostomy/Laryngectomy
  • Suitable for patients with normal and sensitive skin
  • Suitable for patients with an irregular stoma

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