DIARFLEX®  Faecal collector – The simple and effective draining system

For hygienic channelling of liquid and semi-liquid stool and ist secure collection for use with bedridden, immobilised or incontinent patients.

  • Simple handling for enhanced care efficiency

  • Inhibits unpleasant odours thanks to the integrated active carbon filter

  • Minimises contact with stool

  • Reduces dermatological complications (including decubitus)

  • High wearing comfort thanks to hydrocolloid plaster that is gentle to the skin and absorbs moisture

  • The especially thin form of the hydrocolloid plaster ensures high flexibility and outstanding adhesive quality

  • Resealable pouch port for removal of liquid stool and for the connection of bed pouches during long-term use

  • Simplifies calculation of fluid loss

  • Collection volume 1.000 ml

DIARFLEX® Faecal collector

DIARFLEX® Fäkalkollektor
PU/ SU Article number
DIARFLEX® Faecal collector 10 pieces 20775

PU/ SU = packaging unit/ shipping unit


GENTLE TO THE SKIN: thanks to hydrocolloid plaster

INHIBITS ODOURS: with active carbon filter

COMFORTABLE: releasable port with cap

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