Irrigation Systems

Primed® irrigation systems are used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures requiring the evacuation of the bowels before examinations and operations and for dejection in mechanically ventilated or comatose patients. In addition, they are also used to remove gas and treat bowel dysfunctions as well as administer contrast media and medications.

Closed irrigation systems minimise the risk of contamination, provide for easy and hygienic handling and increase the efficiency of care in the daily hospital routine. Open irrigation systems offer a gentle method for intestinal cleansing and vaginal irrigation.

Closed irrigation systems

Irrigationssysteme geschlossenClosed irrigation systems are disposable products that are easy to handle, hygienic, and provide effective patient care during hospitalization.


Open irrigation systems

Irrigationssysteme offenWith this irrigator set, bowel cleansing and vaginal irrigation are easy and safe to perform at home.


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